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Train To Pakistan: A Readers Journey Through War and Love

Train To Pakistan: A Readers journey through war and love
An experience of an incredible story by Sufia Khatoon

I have been a reader who sits on the sidelines of a day till , any story is strong enough to wake me to an epiphany of energy and I bounce back with an intense feelings of feeling alive. I realize something through them, I believe and question again through questions the meaning of the chaos of living. So much that even in darkness I can see myself and breathe in life as it is, as it should be, magical.

I'll be honest, I read and I vanish in the chaos again. But it's been a miracle to read again after so many years. I never call it a review, a story is more of an experience, I think each of us has lived the partition in our grandmother's stories and still live in its aftertaste.

Khushwant Singh's Train To Pakistan reveals what every generation has grown up and indulged fiercely in- the love of war and lust for killing. This is my first book of him that I hav…

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