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Half A Rupee stories, a realization of life and people living it--Gulzar Tales

Half A Rupee stories, a realization of life and people living it-Gulzar's art of story telling.

Some stories make you think; some leave you stunned and shocked to the core; some leave an aftertaste of the bitterness of things you didn't know- the plight of human emotions turned upside down to a point where everything appeared beyond understanding. Reading Half A Rupee stories has been living the feelings of comfort and discomfort not knowing sometimes what the next story was about to tell you.

It is stories penned by Gulzar ji and translated by Sunjoy Shekhar, having had the privilege of meeting Gulzar ji in his poetry book launches in Kolkata and hearing live his way of narrating stories of his peers spreading across the dimensions of bollywood stars to people who shared a journey with him. To be honest I was left isolated into a whirlpool of emotions trying to link each story to his experiences and going through the frustration of not knowing who the people were in the stor…

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